This Week's Word - Submit!

Let's face it...you want to submit. You want to submit because you want to effect some sort of change. It may be a change in the entire educational system, a change in your district, a change in your classroom, a change in the greater community, or even a change in the way you view yourself as a part of this dynamic. You realize that you engage in society in the manner you do because you have something to offer. You are the compassionate warrior, and this your time.
We know, it is the end of the year, you are counting down the days...but what a great time to reflect?
Don't be shy. Commit. Submit. Send us your words. Commit to the mission to rebuild social capitol and create a new way for us to collaborate and innovate. Submissions are due to Capere, in exactly two weeks, on Monday, May 28. We await yours with bated breath...

In other "words..."
Check out the You Tube link and Richard Baraniul's vision for free global education. Baraniul is a Rice University professor who presented his idea for free, global education at the 2006 TED awards in Monterey, CA.
Google, our old best friend, has great resources available that are very teacher, educator, student, classroom, and community friendly. Check out The Infinite Thinking Machine, Google Gapminder (amazing), Google Librarian, and Google for Educators.
And finally, please remember to email us if you are interested in completing an Exit Interview.
walk good.
alexis and sarah

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