The Weekly Word

Hello People,

We are in the process of accepting submissions for the first issue through this week, until Monday, May 28. Please, if you would like to contribute your thoughts, reflections, ideas, suggestions, and/or vision(s), contact us at caperejournal@gmail.com. If you have questions or concerns about your submission, once again contact us at caperejournal@gmail.com.

As some of you are aware, Capere is incorporating as a non-profit entity. This process is in progress, so hopefully soon the powers that be in this great state of North Carolina will recognize us as such.

This journey began with a conversation between two little journalism teachers with big ideas, and it is going to turn into an actual published print journal... all because of you. Thank you for your support and your submissions. We are thoroughly excited.

Walk good.

alexis and sarah

About Me

Capere’s mission is to charter and facilitate a spirit of collaboration and innovation among educators through challenging and rewarding dialogue in a local educator operated print journal.

A Vision for Free, Global (online) Education