The Word

Hello Lovely People,

Yay! We're going to have a magazine! Thank you for all of your contributions. To date, we have completed submissions from the following people: Phillip Barron and Nancy Gallman, John Castner, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Julia Leonard, Nicole Oxendine, Matthew Ramadan, Matthew Sears, Anthony Swaringen, John Troutman, Courtney Wait, and Jack Watson, Nick Winstead.

Don't throw away those course evaluations yet! Although we are currently in the production process, we encourage you to submit one of the following items to enhance the balance of content in the journal:

Reasons for Staying - Thank you notes or letters from your students, parents, co-workers, or administrators; stories of light bulb moments or epiphanies; or anything else that exemplifies why you teach.

Better Practices - Research and/or narratives of exemplary activities, curricula, assessments, or other "better practices" you are willing to share.

Exit Interviews - An anonymous exit interview about why you are leaving your school, your district, and/or teaching.


Finally, thank you to everyone for your support, encouragement, and contributions. We will keep you posted as we progress.

walk good,
alexis and sarah


Kudos to You...

You all rock! Thank you for successfully supporting and submitting. Those of you who are currently in possession of a "work in progress," as some of you are, please send those to us no later than Sunday, June 3.

We'll give you all a content update at the end of the week.

walk good,
alexis and sarah


The Weekly Word

Hello People,

We are in the process of accepting submissions for the first issue through this week, until Monday, May 28. Please, if you would like to contribute your thoughts, reflections, ideas, suggestions, and/or vision(s), contact us at caperejournal@gmail.com. If you have questions or concerns about your submission, once again contact us at caperejournal@gmail.com.

As some of you are aware, Capere is incorporating as a non-profit entity. This process is in progress, so hopefully soon the powers that be in this great state of North Carolina will recognize us as such.

This journey began with a conversation between two little journalism teachers with big ideas, and it is going to turn into an actual published print journal... all because of you. Thank you for your support and your submissions. We are thoroughly excited.

Walk good.

alexis and sarah


This Week's Word - Submit!

Let's face it...you want to submit. You want to submit because you want to effect some sort of change. It may be a change in the entire educational system, a change in your district, a change in your classroom, a change in the greater community, or even a change in the way you view yourself as a part of this dynamic. You realize that you engage in society in the manner you do because you have something to offer. You are the compassionate warrior, and this your time.
We know, it is the end of the year, you are counting down the days...but what a great time to reflect?
Don't be shy. Commit. Submit. Send us your words. Commit to the mission to rebuild social capitol and create a new way for us to collaborate and innovate. Submissions are due to Capere, in exactly two weeks, on Monday, May 28. We await yours with bated breath...

In other "words..."
Check out the You Tube link and Richard Baraniul's vision for free global education. Baraniul is a Rice University professor who presented his idea for free, global education at the 2006 TED awards in Monterey, CA.
Google, our old best friend, has great resources available that are very teacher, educator, student, classroom, and community friendly. Check out The Infinite Thinking Machine, Google Gapminder (amazing), Google Librarian, and Google for Educators.
And finally, please remember to email us if you are interested in completing an Exit Interview.
walk good.
alexis and sarah


The Weekly Word

Hi People!
We are very excited!...We only have three more weeks until our first deadline for Issue I, Volume I and submissions are coming in. Submissions vary, and the ideas are rolling in, so please do contribute what it is you are passionate about. Talented teachers in our area are making contributions related to eye-opening and thought provoking student art projects, the recent salary disclosures posted by WRAL, the grand gap between the "talking heads" who cry for change and those of us who are expected to implement it, as well as making the change from the corporate world to the classroom. We welcome your words :)
In addition, sadly, some of you are departing for positions and careers in which you are paid better, and treated better, and apparently that means you are leaving education...or at least your current district. In order to help us, as well as the powers that be, reflect on the reasons for your departure, and perhaps the ways to prevent it, please contact us for information on how you may complete an anonymous exit interview.
Once again, we thank all of you for your support and encouragement.
walk good,
alexis and sarah


The Weekly Word

Greetings All,
We are pleased to announce that submissions are coming in (yes!). So, thanks to those of you who have taken the time to complete yours and contribute. But, if you have not yet surrendered to submission for Issue I, Volume I, you still have 29 days to do so. :)
If you are leaving...the classroom, your district, the profession, the calling...for whatever reason, we are asking you to participate in our anonymous exit survey. Please contact us at caperejournal@gmail.com.
If you would like to help spread the word by distributing flyers at your school, your local library, your local community center, or your local hang-out, please contact us by email
And finally, we are ready to begin profiling you. Please contact us if and when you are prepared to be interviewed, recorded, or listened to, or send us your bio and pic.
Much gratitude to all for your continued support and enthusiasm. Happy Monday.
alexis and sarah


The Weekly Word

Hey People...

We want to hear from you about your ideas for submission...Ditty has promised two thought-provoking poems and we can only hold out for the promise of prose in the future (smile). Also, I know Ms. Wait is in deep contemplation over which ideas she intends to illustrate in print. Others of you have committed and know what you would like to write - please let us know.

Please, check out the following links to the right:
If you have not yet completed the survey on the website, please do so...those of you who are participating...thanks...your thoughts are enlightening and will be published.

In addition, many of you are not "traditional classroom teachers," but we have tagged you because you are educators and we need your input and your insight. Learning does not occur in a vacuum and it certainly is not restricted to the "school system." Please, contribute whatever you have to bring to the table.

We look forward to "working" with all of you.
peace and love homies,
alexis and sarah


Ideas for Submission

Per the submission guidelines posted below, Capere is seeking the following contributions for Issue I, Volume I. Please add a comment or send an email if you are interested in tackling one or more of the suggestions below for the first issue.
  • Academic Research
  • Educator Profiles
  • Off the Cuff (Front Porch)
  • Teacher Victories
  • Lessons Learned
  • Teacher Identity
  • Education and the community
  • Roles within the community with respect to education
  • Policy
  • Statistics
  • Reflections from a former teacher
  • "Better" practices
  • Glimmers/Reasons for staying/Epiphanal moments
  • Honoring New Teachers, Veteran Teachers, Visiting International Faculty
  • Issues outside of the "school system" which effect its stakeholders
  • Vision Schools
  • Upcoming Issues
  • Trivia
  • Advice Column
Point-Counter-Point -
  • Two people are encouraged to volunteer for this feature, one to present each side (or two sides, if there are indeed more than two sides).
  • Some suggestions may be "Students (do not) recognize they are willing participants in the educational process;" "Teachers are (are not) consistently conscience of when and how they bring their values into the classroom;" "Teachers (do not) have the power to effect change within the system;"
  • These are just some ideas...Please feel free to propose an idea or ideas.
In addition, Capere encourages questions either for debate and dialogue on the website, here on the blog, and/or in the journal.


Call for Entries

Capere, The Expanding Educator's Journal, is currently seeking submissions for the first issue.

Issue I, Volume I will focus on identity issues in education (submissions need not be exclusive to this topic).

Submission Guidelines
Capere, local educator operated print journal, is committed to original inquiries in education, praxis, and theory from and for educators of all levels.
Capere is interested in scholarly writing on a variety of education related topics. Five kinds of papers are especially encouraged:
  • relevant book reviews
  • research reports addressing important topics and issues
  • theoretical statements and philosophical arguments
  • personal narratives chronicling experience(s) in the classroom
  • editorials in response to current movements/initiatives in local education.
Manuscripts will be evaluated for conciseness of language and relevancy and depth of content. Educators interested in reviewing recent books or papers about education should respond in no more than 600 words. Manuscripts should be no longer than 2000 words or (8 pages typed). Manuscripts may be emailed to caperejournal@gmail.com via attachment. 

Authors should include a 50-word bio, including optional photograph. All articles will be copy edited for length and consistency; final proof will be shown to author for approval.
Deadline: May 28, 2007

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Capere’s mission is to charter and facilitate a spirit of collaboration and innovation among educators through challenging and rewarding dialogue in a local educator operated print journal.

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