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Hey People...

We want to hear from you about your ideas for submission...Ditty has promised two thought-provoking poems and we can only hold out for the promise of prose in the future (smile). Also, I know Ms. Wait is in deep contemplation over which ideas she intends to illustrate in print. Others of you have committed and know what you would like to write - please let us know.

Please, check out the following links to the right:
If you have not yet completed the survey on the website, please do so...those of you who are participating...thanks...your thoughts are enlightening and will be published.

In addition, many of you are not "traditional classroom teachers," but we have tagged you because you are educators and we need your input and your insight. Learning does not occur in a vacuum and it certainly is not restricted to the "school system." Please, contribute whatever you have to bring to the table.

We look forward to "working" with all of you.
peace and love homies,
alexis and sarah


Ideas for Submission

Per the submission guidelines posted below, Capere is seeking the following contributions for Issue I, Volume I. Please add a comment or send an email if you are interested in tackling one or more of the suggestions below for the first issue.
  • Academic Research
  • Educator Profiles
  • Off the Cuff (Front Porch)
  • Teacher Victories
  • Lessons Learned
  • Teacher Identity
  • Education and the community
  • Roles within the community with respect to education
  • Policy
  • Statistics
  • Reflections from a former teacher
  • "Better" practices
  • Glimmers/Reasons for staying/Epiphanal moments
  • Honoring New Teachers, Veteran Teachers, Visiting International Faculty
  • Issues outside of the "school system" which effect its stakeholders
  • Vision Schools
  • Upcoming Issues
  • Trivia
  • Advice Column
Point-Counter-Point -
  • Two people are encouraged to volunteer for this feature, one to present each side (or two sides, if there are indeed more than two sides).
  • Some suggestions may be "Students (do not) recognize they are willing participants in the educational process;" "Teachers are (are not) consistently conscience of when and how they bring their values into the classroom;" "Teachers (do not) have the power to effect change within the system;"
  • These are just some ideas...Please feel free to propose an idea or ideas.
In addition, Capere encourages questions either for debate and dialogue on the website, here on the blog, and/or in the journal.

About Me

Capere’s mission is to charter and facilitate a spirit of collaboration and innovation among educators through challenging and rewarding dialogue in a local educator operated print journal.

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