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Hello Lovely People,

Yay! We're going to have a magazine! Thank you for all of your contributions. To date, we have completed submissions from the following people: Phillip Barron and Nancy Gallman, John Castner, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Julia Leonard, Nicole Oxendine, Matthew Ramadan, Matthew Sears, Anthony Swaringen, John Troutman, Courtney Wait, and Jack Watson, Nick Winstead.

Don't throw away those course evaluations yet! Although we are currently in the production process, we encourage you to submit one of the following items to enhance the balance of content in the journal:

Reasons for Staying - Thank you notes or letters from your students, parents, co-workers, or administrators; stories of light bulb moments or epiphanies; or anything else that exemplifies why you teach.

Better Practices - Research and/or narratives of exemplary activities, curricula, assessments, or other "better practices" you are willing to share.

Exit Interviews - An anonymous exit interview about why you are leaving your school, your district, and/or teaching.


Finally, thank you to everyone for your support, encouragement, and contributions. We will keep you posted as we progress.

walk good,
alexis and sarah

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